Construction Projects

For many years, SGO has been helping with minor construction’s projects when the homeowners are in need and have no or little means to complete the project on their own.  We are able to help with handicap ramps, roofing problems, electrical problems, bathroom problems, and other minor building related issues.  We have, at times, helped with complete building projects for organizations like orphanages and children’s homes.  If the project is a major one, then we ask our church partners to become involved and use mission teams to complete the project.  Our goal is to help those in need while sharing the love of Christ with them.

Cost of the construction projects come from many sources.  Some of the materials are donated by our partners, while others are sponsored by individuals or churches.  SGO is directly involved with a fundraising organization to help with the cost of the construction projects.  The work of the projects is donated by caring men and women of God with no other purpose than to serve.  Many workers are blessed more than words can explain. 

Why not consider being a part of one of our construction projects?

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