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Our mission is to minister to our area First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS) and to encourage them in utilizing their God-ordained professions to spread the love of Christ. On a daily basis, First Responders deal with those in their darkest hours: crime victims, fire victims, the injured, the sick, the elderly, the poor, the abused, the drug addicts, the depressed, the suicidal, the hopeless, and the list goes on.

Our goal is to have our area First Responders working in conjunction with our area churches and other Christian outreach programs in meeting these needs in our community, and ultimately to win lost souls for Christ!

There are needs around us every day – at work, at home, in the common marketplace. As First Responders, you will come into contact with a vast array of needs, many of which cannot be solved within the 10-15 minutes you spend with an individual.

That’s where First Responders for Christ can be an asset to you and our community. We represent a network of churches, chaplains, charities, and counselors who are interested in helping you meet the needs of those in which you have contact. Our ministry network stretches across the area and all needs, after being reported to us, are matched with the closest available ministry partner that can assist.

So if it is counseling, spiritual, physical, or a critical incident need – let us be a resource for you!

Feel Led to Help?

If you or your church feel led to assist with this valuable area ministry, simply call our toll-free number and register as a new ministry partner!
To contribute financially, you can visit our donation page. This is a convenient online payment method which will allow you to contribute a one-time or recurring monthly gift in the amount you choose!
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All donations will be tax deductible. Your community needs your help. Will you answer the call?