Good Samaritan Coffee

Samaritan’s Global Outreach is a 501c(3) non-profit organization with a vision, “To reach out and help those in need throughout the world.” While striving for this goal, we also help fund other non-profit organizations who have the same purpose and vision. We feel that by partnering and networking with other non-profit organizations, we can do more to accomplish our vision.

Good Samaritan Coffee is an affiliate company of Samaritan’s Global Outreach, with all their profits from coffee sales going to the work of Samaritan’s Global Outreach. When customers purchase our coffee, they not only help support their fundraising organization, but they also help support the work of Samaritan’s Global Outreach.

By partnering with Good Samaritan Coffee, you will be able to raise funds year-round through your dedicated shop front on our website that we will help develop for you. Your supporters will be able to place orders for coffee 24/7 online, and you will receive the fundraising proceeds. You will also have the ability to make sales face-to-face, and then enter the sales into your shop front.

Our fundraising program is designed to provide your organization with all the tools you will need to have a successful fundraising program that will reward you with a monthly cash flow.

Interested in setting up your own shop? Click here   Otherwise, you can support SGO by purchasing coffee in our shop.