Mentoring/Discipleship Ministry

In Matthew 9:37-38, we are told that the fields are ready for harvest, but there are no workers to gather the harvest.  As a Christian organization, we are responsible to train up those workers.  Through our youth mentorship program, we reach out, teach and train youth who have a heart for the Lord and feel a call on their lives to be workers for Him.  The world is doing all it can to divert our youth from a life dedicated to the Lord, and we must work just as hard to direct them in the way in which they should go.

Many young people and old alike are seeking a deeper relationship with God, and we are working to disciple these who are called by God.  We feel one of the primary goals of a ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to make disciples according to Matthew 28:19.  The opportunities that are available to those called to the work of the Lord are numerous and varied.  It is our responsibility to train up disciples to perform His work.